Facilities-IIT Roorkee

The campus is spread in an area of 360 acres (1.5 km2).
IIT Roorkee also has a Saharanpur Campus of 25 acres (100,000 m2) which offers courses in Polymer Science, Process Engineering and Paper Technology.

Hostels (Bhawans)
Most students at IIT Roorkee live in the hostels, where a large number of extracurricular activities complement the hectic academic routine. The campus has nine hostels, of which two (Sarojini and Kasturba) are exclusively occupied by girls. Hostels in IIT Roorkee may accommodate undergraduate and graduate students along with doctoral students. Students are assigned to hostels by the Institute Administration after their freshmen year. The hostels are named after eminent personalities of India and Britain during the Indian Freedom Struggle. The hostels are:

  • Azad Bhawan
  • Cautley Bhawan
  • Ganga Bhawan
  • Govind Bhawan
  • Jawahar Bhawan
  • Malviya Bhawan (Saharanpur Campus)
  • Ravindra Bhawan
  • Sarojini Bhawan
  • Kasturba Bhawan
  • Rajendra Bhawan

In addition to these hostels, there are four hostels for married students, doctoral students and foreign students:

  • Mulk Raj Chopra Bhawan
  • Ghanand Pandey Bhawan
  • A. N. Khosla Bhawan
  • Azad Wing

Several new hostels are being constructed to accommodate an increasing intake of students. On entering Govind Bhawan, one reaches the famous "highway" corridor.

Each bhawan has its mess, which is run on the basis of tenders. Mess administration consists of a staff advisor and a chief advisor. Moreover a mess secretary, representative of students, is also in the body for decisions on various the mess-issues.

IIT Roorkee has a very rich sports culture. Stadiums like Lal Bahadur Shashtri Stadium for cricket and athletics, Major Dhyan Chand Stadium for hockey and various others provide modern sports facilities to the students.
IIT Roorkee have participated in various sports events such as Inter IIT sports meet, Udhghosh. IIT Roorkee also hosted its first ever Inter-College Sports Fest, SANGRAM...for glory[2] in 2009. Held from 27-29th March 2009, this fest boasted of participation from over 26 colleges and about 750 athletes from all over India.


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