NATA 2011 FAQ's

Q1. What is the last date for giving NATA?
Technically, 25th September. NATA runs continuously till 25th September, usually on working days. The dates on which NATA is available depends on the Test Centre. Candidates may request Test Centres for the preferred dates. If the candidate is available for NATA only on a particular date (or range of dates) that a particular Test Centre is not able to give, the candidate may register at any other Test Centre throughout India that is able to administer NATA on that date / time. TEST CENTRE LOCATION HAS NO BEARING ON CHOICE OF ADMISSION AND APPEARING AT A PARTICULAR CENTER FOR THE TEST DOES NOT IMPLY THAT THE CANDIDATE COULD BE GIVEN ANY PRIORITY FOR ADMISSION TO THAT INSTITUTE. The logical last date for giving NATA for candidates seeking admission this year itself would be 5 days before the last date for submitting application for admission under a particular Admission Authority. This varies from authority to authority.
Q2. By giving NATA, do I get automatic admission into any Architectural College in India?

No. NATA is just an Aptitude Test. On receiving the Score Card, the candidate will have to contact various admission authorities with NATA Score Card and other details (as prescribed by the respective Admission Authorities). Admission in India lies with the State (usually under Directorate of  Technical Education for that state). Usually around summer, Admission Authorities will bring out admission notices in National & Regional newspapers. The candidate may contact schools of architecture directly for information as to when the admission process is scheduled to begin.
Q3. Is giving NATA compulsory for taking admission to any Architectural College in India?

Yes it is; as prescribed by the Council of Architecture, a statutory body under MHRD created under the Architects Act of 1972, prescribed with the authority to regulate architectural education in India.

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