A Phone Conversation between IITian and IIT Aspirant


Disclaimer:- The Following conversation is in Hindi in the video is in Hindi. Those who don’t understand Hindi can read the translation given below.

A Phone Conversation

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How did you prepare for IITJEE?

I am doing Computer Science from IIT Bombay. Got an Air 24 in IITJEE (year not specified)

How did you prepare for IITJEE?

I did my coaching for JEE in Resonance, Jaipur.I immediately started my preparations after 10th.I always followed Resonance Study material and Notes. If I had any difficulty in any chapter I referred other books which where recommended for JEE.

Which books you followed in PCM?

These are the books which I followed…

Physics: HC Verma, Resnick Halliday Walker 
Chemistry: For organic I referred Morrison and Boyd (I loved that book due to its simplicity) 
Maths: Any book will do (Arihant or any other)

And it’s always better to study NCERT also. It’s very important especially for chemistry. 

Never lose your confidence. Whatever your marks may be. Its alright as failures are the stepping stone to success.

If your preparations are good then you don’t need to worry since it’s just one day that is being tested and anything can happen on that day. Be Confident, Remain Confident….